About Us

Founders and partners, Mohith and Janavi, began Palmary in early 2020 with the sincere vision to ban all single-use plastic.


With innovation as the backbone of this sustainable enterprise, Palmary constantly strives to craft versatile, natural crockery made from fallen husk leaves gathered right here in India from the lush green lands of the Western Ghats.

Here, each leaf is carefully collected, pressure washed, sun-dried, molded into various shapes and sizes, and then finally sterilized. The final result is a superior, aesthetic, and environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic. We take from the earth to give back to mother nature with zero carbon footprint and no trees are cut down in the process.

With your help, we can work together to switch from a plastic lifestyle to living in a more sustainable, socially, and environmentally responsible manner that is better for us and for generations to come.